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DRIFTER (working title Roma Rally)
Winner of the Robert Bosch Co-Production Prize 2011 - Documentary
Winner of the DOCU Rough Cut Boutique Post Production Award 2013 - Sarajevo Film Festival

Ricsi won’t wait till he gets kicked out of school, he just quits for good.
‘Trouble’ is his middle name. Driving cars without a license, theft and running from the cops are all just a part of his daily routine. Cars are his passion. He's a mechanical genius with them. Any wreck becomes a racer in his hands. His story is his fight for his dream to compete in the famous local rally. His father has other ideas, he is trying to control him instead of letting him find his own way.
Will he make it into the race and win his father's respect after all?

Ricsi, aged 17 and his friends have decided to take part in a famous road rally in a nearby village. Despite his youth and poverty Ricsi is crack mechanic, he can drive, his ambition seems tireless. And he believes that creativity driven by destitution can overcome the greatest difficulties.
He would like to take part in the race with a thirty year old, piecemeal BMW currently sleeping on bricks. He is committed to compensate the gap with his enthusiasm in the garage which he built in the backyard out of their barn. Ricsi is ready to raise money for the car no matter what, even if it means leaving school and getting involved in illegal activities.
Ricsi’s friend, Manó lost almost all of his sight by the age of nine because of a disease. Nevertheless: while hiscompanion would be the driver he would be the navigator of the car. What makes things even more complicated, Ricsi’s father is meandering in and out of his son’s life not realising that Ricsi’s fight for acknowledgement might just be a struggle for his father’s attention and acceptance. Ricsi’s darker personality, sarcasm and involvement in crime is likely the result of the absence of the father and him not being able to accept his mother’s efforts.
Despite all the odds, he has faith in himself. Even though it is crucial for him to win, for the film it is not his success or failure that is at stake but the depiction of his devotion and commitment.

Producer: KraatsFilm (Hungary), Marcell Iványi, Gábor Hörcher
Co-Producer: Weydemann Bros. (Germany), Marieke Bittner
Creative Producer: György Pálos
Genre: Documentary
Year: 2014
Duration: approx. 80 min
Language: Hungarian
Subtitle: English, German

Original Idea: Márton Horn
DOP: Kristóf Becsey, Gábor Hörcher
Editor: Thomas Ernst
Main Character: Richárd Steinbach

Writer and Director: Gábor Hörcher